Lost Letters

A unique and challenging word game where you follow patterns to place missing letters. If you are a word game lover, or have one in your family or circle of friends, Lost Letters is a perfect gift.

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A uniquely challenging word puzzle!

Examine patterns to position letters for hidden words. Each of the puzzles was generated by a specialized program written by the author. By using visual patterns to solve each puzzle, finding the solutions will stimulate your brain. Challenging all skill levels from easy to difficult, puzzles can be solved in anywhere from two to 20 minutes.

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Lost Letters can be accessed in three formats:

  • Print-On-Demand Books One and Two
  • Printable "Print & Play" Instant Downloads
  • Online Web App.

The Lost Letters print-on-demand Book One has 145 puzzles, while Book Two has 180. Book Two is paperback-sized for travel on the subway, train, plane and bus or just relaxing on the beach.

The books are available for purchase at Amazon.com

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Printable Downloads
A completely different set of Lost Letters games are available as printable downloads. Each download is a new chapter containing 30+ different puzzles across all challenge levels. The printable downloads are available through Brainy Games @ Etsy
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Ideal for travel like plane trips or just filling in time anywhere like on the beach, Lost Letters is sure to please any word game lover.

Book Two is actually paperback-sized for more compact travel.

Mark Kolb, the author, originally programmed this game way back in 2000 to pass the time on myriad airport trips.

How to Play

Follow visual patterns to place missing letters into words. Tap any instructional image below to expand ...

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Check out a dozen free samples and their solutions.

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Lost Letters is available for your desktop or mobile device as a drag and drop web app. Try to solve four sample puzzles now to get a sense of what to expect online.

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Lost Letters is available for newspaper syndication. Daily games and solutions can be generated by subscription in PDF format for direct insertion into your paper.